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Ankara Fires, January 2013.

Online news service Habermonitor has posted reports of another poltergeist outbreak in the Golbasi Bahcelievier district of Ankara, Turkey’s second largest city.

While the English translations (see links below) are tough to follow, the gist of the story covers  mysterious fires breaking out in the Knight family house on beds, tables, towels and clothes. The fires seemed to be linked with an 11 year old girl in the family, Anne Bu Knight. A local Mufti was been asked to help – he suggested reading the Quran, but the fires continued. Genuine new case - or simply a copycat driven by the Siirt report?

Siirt Province, Turkey, Fires December 2012

On 24 December 2012, the Cihan News Agency (Turkey) reported a mysterious outbreak in Siirt Province, Turkey:

ISTANBUL (CİHAN)- Mysterious fires that have broken out seemingly for no apparent reason in the house of the Toprak family in Siirt province over the last four months have aroused great curiosity in the region. The Toprak family is distraught over the mysterious fires, as between 300-400 fires incidents have occurred in the last four months. Almost all of the family's belongings and furniture have been reduced to ashes for no known cause. The Toprak family's household items apparently catch fire spontaneously, with some people believing that the fires have been caused by supernatural forces. The father of the family, Zeki Toprak, told the Anatolia news agency that between 300-400 fires have erupted in four months. Stating that they had to move house four times in as many months, Toprak said such mysterious events have continued to happen in each house they have moved to. Similar mysterious fires have also broken out in the classroom of fifth-grade-student M. Toprak.

The coat, notebooks, books and several other items belonging to M. Toprak have caught fire spontaneously in front of the students and teacher's eyes in the classroom. The teacher of M. Toprak told Anatolia that they searched M. Toprak for any material or substance which could have caused the fires, but did not find anything. The Siirt Governor's Office, the Siirt Provincial Mufti's Office and Siirt University have all taken an interest in the family. Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydın, who also spoke to the agency, defined the incidents as supernatural and said it was impossible to understand having seen the many items that apparently spontaneously combusted. Aydın also said the governor's office is giving food to the family three times a day as they could not cook any meals in their house. Siirt University Rector Murat Erman said the university is extremely interested in the incidents and has established a team to investigate the possible reasons for such mysterious fires. Siirt Province Mufti Faruk Arvas pointed out that the fires might be due to the djinn. In Islam, the djinn are spirit beings that can be good or evil. Arvas stated: "According to our faith, there are beings called djinn. The fires might have been started by such beings." (Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN


Images from the Siirt Province, Turkey, case from December 2012.

Updated 24 January 2013 - Humpty Doo Case